Impact of Space Weather on Earth COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop August 15 – 26, 2016, Paratunka, Kamchatka (Russia)

Impact of Space Weather on Earth
COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop
August 15th – 26th  2016, Paratunka, Kamchatka (Russia)


Who may participate?
We expect advanced master students and PhD students, postdocs and young staff scientists from Russia, Asia and other developing countries. The number of participants is expected to be around 40 (20 from Russia and 20 from other countries). Basic specialization in one of the fields of Satellite systems for monitoring of space weather, Ground systems for monitoring of space weather, Cosmic rays, Magnetic storms, Remote sounding, Simulations of geosphere processes is required as well as good knowledge of English Language, because lectures will be given in English. There is no registration fee. The accommodation and meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) will be covered by the Organizing Committee. Limited travel support from the sponsors can also be applied for. Please visit our website, register and apply for ASAP.

Selection of Participants
Participants will be accepted by the Organizing Committee mainly on the basis of their qualifications and the likely benefit to their research from the participation. To apply for the workshop, please complete the Application for Participation Form and return by email (subject: COSPAR CBW in Kamchatka) to


The deadline for an application is 01 April 2016.

Notifications about acceptance will be sent to the applicants at around 1 April 2016.


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